CCK-10 Hackathon Photos

We all had a lot of fun at our first CCK Hackathon, and our groups explored some very cool ideas using Python, RDKit, the CSD Python API, and CCDC tools such as IsoStar and SuperStar during the day. We came together afterwards, to hear Andrew Moloney from CCDC talk about “Can we design drugs like we design airplanes? – The ADDoPT Project and the CCDC”, and to see the fruits of our labors with a series of Lightning Talks summarizing each group’s work. The winners and runners-up received delicious prizes: boxes of chocolates.

Demonstrating “bindbook”: a kind of Facebook for proteins, and the ligands they ‘like’.

Demonstrating sonification of protein-ligand interactions derived using Blundell et al.’s Arpeggio.

SABS alumnus Saulo Pires de Oliveira receives the prize for the winners of the CCK-10 Hackathon, for their work on evolutionary relationships of binding sites.

Richard Cooper awards the runner-up prize to SABS First Year, Dominik Schwartz, for his group’s sonified protein-ligand interactions project.