Forthcoming CCK schedule

Meetings this term

CCK-8 Thursday 26th October (3rd week) 5-6pm Biochemistry Seminar Room

CCK-9 Thursday 9th November (5th week) 5-6pm Biochemistry Seminar Room

CSD / data visualisation hackathon & CCK-10 Wednesday 6th December (9th week) Biochemistry Computer Suite and Seminar Room

All welcome. Beer and refreshments provided. Please register in advance to help keep our catering projections accurate.

Request and suggestions for speakers

Suggestions for speakers are always welcome. Five-minute talks on any CCK related topic are welcome. These range from introductions to your research, and requests for help and collaborations, to expounding the virtues of your favourite programming environment, or a quick analysis of a recent comp chem paper.

Drop us a line if you wish to get involved or make any suggestions.


Phil Biggin (Biochem) [email protected]

Richard Cooper (Chem) [email protected]

Garrett Morris (Stats / SABS) [email protected]